Vitamins & Supplements to Curve Binge Eating

No doubt it would be great if I could tell you that if you popped a vitamin and mineral tablet each day that you would never have any issues with food or with your body image, but of course that’s not true. However, there are certainly particular vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can be helpful in your journey toward vitality and optimum weight.  Do check with your health care professional or doctor before starting a serious supplement regimen. If you are on medications, please discuss possible interactions or challenges with taking supplements.

  • B-Vitamins -help regulate serotonin levels to elevate mood and decrease binge episodes
  • Chromium –200 mcg per day – when needed for sugar cravings. Helps insulin to get into your cells to regulate glucose so that your hormones stop sending messages to your brain that you need more sugar.vitimins
  • Manganese– 10 Mg per day helps the transport and metabolism of glucose. It stabilizes blood sugar to reduce sugar cravings.
  • Magnesium– 500 mg per day- calms the body and the brain while stabilizing glucose levels which can wildly fluctuate when a person is binge eating. When magnesium levels are stable, cravings decrease.
  • Zinc– 15mg- per day- helps to regulate appetite
  • 5-HTP– 200 mg per day in the evening- or whenever you have the urge to binge. The precursor to serotonin will suppress your appetite and relax you to take the anxiety away from the binge.
  • L-Glutamine– 500 mg when needed no more than 3 times per day. When you are having a strong sugar craving, take 500 mg of L-Glutamine or open a capsule and put the powder on your tongue. L-glutamine is an amino acid that is converted into food for the brain.
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil– To help with anxiety, stress and for immune support and strength.

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Body Pollutions and the Dangers – Part 4 Final

Well, that last was quite a shock for many people… not sure you really wanted to know that much about Parasites, right? Hey, better to know than not. Now as promised we’re here to talk solutions! – exactly how to deal with these Body Pollutions and the related Dangers – what to do about it! Let’s roll…

Cleaning Out the Toxins

Pioneering nutritionist, Dr. Hazel Parcells, who lived with boundless energy to age 106, wrote: “A healthy body begins with cleaning out the accumulated toxins of the past and preparing it to accept new and efficient nutrients. When the body is cleared of poisons, nature will take over and provide us the gift of health.”

Detoxification therapy is an ancient concept that appears as part of many healthcare systems around the world. Detoxification and internal cleansing is more important today than ever before in history because we are exposed to more toxins than ever in the past.

Where to StartDetox with Veggies

“Any cleansing program should begin by ‘pulling the plug’ that blocks the passage of waste,” details Dr. Linda Berry in Internal Cleansing. “The ‘plug’ is in your colon, the last portion of your food-processing chain. If you try to clean your blood, lymph, or liver without first addressing a stopped-up large intestine, the excreted toxins will get right back into your body and make you sicker than you were before you started.”

The concept of cleansing the colon as the most important first step of a detoxification therapy is unfortunately missed by many detox programs sold on the market today. Without cleansing the colon, it is impossible to effectively detoxify other bodily systems or the body in general.

The Science of Detox

“If you want a high quality of life in the 21 st Century, it is crucial to become educated regarding your body’s natural detoxification processes as well as detox techniques you can effectively use,” writes Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald in her book The Detox Solution – The Missing Link to Radiant Health, Abundant Energy, Ideal Weight, and Peace of Mind.

“Some of you have undoubtedly tried the one-day, weekend, or week-at-a-time cleansing or detoxification protocols. I have found that the results you can achieve through these programs are limited. How can we expect to rid our bodies of the toxins that have built up over a lifetime through a program that lasts only a day or two or even seven?”

“The major parts of our body involved in physical detoxification are the digestive tract, the liver, our lungs, the lymphatic system, our skin, and the urinary system. These systems and organs are the sites designed within the body to process toxins either by eliminating them or transforming them into less threatening substances.”

The best detox program we have found is the Ultimate Colon Cleanse. In fact we’ve been trying all kinds of brand for more than 15 years and this one has the best of all worlds… its effective and affordable. In fact why don’t I let this video below take over and explain more…

Body Pollutions and the Dangers – Part 3

OK, we’re back for another round of Body Pollutions and the Dangers Part III. As promised we’re going to be covering Parasites (yes they certainly are more prevalent than you might think – in most all cultures and countries), Signs of Toxicity and a unique spin on the concept of “Detoxify or Die”. So lets get right to it…


Parasites that infest the digestive tract constitute another common source of inner toxicity. The activity of these invading organisms irritates the intestinal lining causing chronic inflammation and intestinal permeability. The rate of parasitic-related disorders in North America is on the increase. Humans can actually play host to more than a hundred different types of parasites, ranging from microscopic ones to tapeworms that are several feet long.

It is extremely easy to come in contact with parasites. Contaminated water, undercooked meats, improperly washed fruits and vegetables, are just some of the common sources of infections. Transmission from pets or other infected persons is also quite common. Overuse of antibiotics further adds to this problem as this can interfere with normal intestinal flora and lower the body’s resistance.

Signs of Toxicity

How can you tell if your body is polluted? What are the signs of damaging toxicity? Read the list below and see if you’re experiencing any of the conditions mentioned.

            Frequent fatigue and low energy in general
  Chronic constipation parasites fight against health
  Flatulence, bloating, gas
  Compromised digestion
  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  Allergy or intolerance to certain foods
  Bad breath and foul-smelling stools
  Metallic taste in mouth
  Excess weight
  Irregular bowel movements
  Powerful food cravings
  Frequent headaches
  Pain in joints
  Lowered resistance to infections
  Skin problems, rashes, pimples, etc.
  Parasites in stool
  Candida infection
  Irritability, wide mood swings

If you find that one or more of the symptoms above apply to you, it is time to consider a comprehensive detoxification program. Detoxification, or detox for short, is a process of cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out. It is a natural health-preserving therapy, which helps remove harmful toxins from the cells and tissues, restoring their immune-protecting functions.

“Detoxify or Die”

Sherry Rogers, MD, a well-known international specialist in Environmental Medicine and the author of the book Detoxify or Die sees environmental toxins as the cause of all disease. In her book she describes the major health-destroying chemicals and heavy metals, their sources, EPA studies, and how ever-present these substances are in our everyday environment. Studies are cited showing that 95% of cancer, for instance, is caused by diet and environment. Dr. Rogers writes at the beginning of Detoxify or Die:

“If you are serious about healing, then brace yourself for a crash course in curing whatever ails you. …the secret is in getting your body so chemically unloaded and nutrient primed, that it heals itself.”

Dr. Rogers explains the body’s own “built-in” detoxification system:

Phase I – enzymes and minerals work to remove toxic material from the body

Phase II – a powerful detoxifier called glutathione sends chemicals through the liver and out with the garbage.

Unfortunately, as sophisticated as this system appears, it is not designed to deal with the literally thousands of chemical assaults on our bodies. The system also needs specific nutrients in order to function properly.

In our next Blog post we‘ll be discussing solutions – exactly how to deal with these Body Pollutions and the related Dangers – what to do about it! Check it out – coming soon…

Body Pollutions and the Dangers – Part 2

In our last Blog post we started this series on the topic of Body Pollutions and the Dangers, covered the Body Burden and interesting section entitled: “Six Trillion Pounds of Chemicals a Year”. If have yet to read it, please head down below to check it out before continuing with this, Part II of Body Pollutions and the Dangers. OK, not that we have that out of the way, lets more on…

Cancer, Birth Defects, You Name It

In total, out of the 210 chemicals tested for, the nine subjects carried:

            76 chemicals linked to cancer in humans or animals,
  94 chemicals that are toxic to the brain and nervous system,
  86 chemicals that interfere with the hormone system,
  79 chemicals associated with birth defects or abnormal development,
  77 chemicals toxic to the reproductive system, and
  77 chemicals toxic to the immune system.

What mixtures of industrial chemicals are found in the bodies of the general population? How can we find out what industrial chemicals are in our body? “Not easily,” say the researchers at Environmental Working Group. “In this study the laboratory costs alone were $4,900 per person. Scientists spent two years designing the study, gaining approval of the study plan from Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s Institutional Review Board, and recruiting subjects. People can request body burden tests through their personal physicians, but in general the methods used by available commercial labs are not sensitive, the available tests are limited, or both.”

If you’re not ready to spend close to $5,000 on a comprehensive test, you can use the Environmental Working Group’s online questionnaire to build a “virtual” body burden profile based on lifestyle questions.

Deadly Combination of Chemicals

“When it comes to toxic chemicals in everyday products,” explains the Center for Children’s Health and the Environment, “there is surprisingly little information available about how they behave in combination. How, for example, are our bodies affected when the chemicals in paint thinners interact with those in dark hair dyes, or when we are exposed to one pesticide on a fruit, and another from our neighbor’s lawn?

Here is an analogy: Compared with non-smokers, cigarette smokers have ten times the risk of contracting lung cancer. We also know that workers exposed to asbestos have five times the lung cancer risk compared with those never exposed. You might think, therefore, that smokers exposed to asbestos would have 15 times the risk of getting lung cancer. In fact, they face 55 times the risk… Dutch scientists have documented that when PCBs, at a non-toxic level, are mixed with dioxin, at a level that produced only minor liver damage, the combination produced 400 times the damage of the dioxin alone.”

The Toxins Within and Without

Environmental pollution is just part of the problem as our bodies are forced to deal with the chemical cornucopia that is poisoning our food s upply. More than 3,200 chemicals are added to the food we eat, and as many as 10,000 more additives find their way indirectly into our food as it is grown, processed, packaged, and stored. This includes hormones and antibiotics fed to animals, as well as pesticides and heavy metal residues , such as lead and mercury, in plants.

As dismaying as all this may sound we must face the fact that our external environment is not the only contributing factor to internal pollution. Our health is equally disrupted by toxins that are produced inside the body, primarily due to the body’s inability to cleanse itself adequately and improper digestion. “A poorly functioning digestive tract can turn even the best of foods into metabolic poisons in the form of acids, gases, alcohols, and carcinogens,” explains Dr. Linda Berry, clinical nutritionist, in her best-selling book Internal Cleansing. “Autointoxication is the process of the body poisoning itself with toxins, from internal sources, that cannot be processed by the body’s elimination systems because they are overloaded, undernourished, genetically compromised, or diseased.”

The nutritionally inferior processed and junk foods consumed by many Americans are contributing to digestive disturbances, wmercury in fish not healthyhich in turn leads to an even more toxic internal environment.

Mercury – “Our Preferred Poison”

Another common form of toxicity comes from mercury amalgam fillings. According to the latest data, American dentists use 44 tons of highly toxic mercury to fill some 100 million cavities each year. Despite all the safer alternatives available today, 92% of dentists still prefer to work with amalgam fillings. The March 2005 edition of Discover magazine reported the following in its article entitled “Our Preferred Poison – A little mercury is all that humans need to do away with themselves quietly, slowly, and surely:”

“Mercury is unimaginably toxic and dangerous. A single drop on a human hand can be irreversibly fatal. A single drop in a large lake can make all the fish in it unsafe to eat… In the modern era, [mercury] became a common ingredient of paints, diuretics, pesticides, batteries, fluorescent lightbulbs, skin creams, antifungal agents, vaccines for children, and of course, thermometers. There is probably some in your mouth right now: So-called silver dental fillings are half mercury… Seafood is one of the two most common sources of mercury exposure in adults. ”

Stay tune for our next blog post for the more information regarding our topic where we’ll discuss Parasites (yes they are more prevalent than you might think,  Signs of Toxicity and a unique spin on the concept of  “Detoxify or Die”