Body Pollutions and the Dangers – Part 4 Final

Well, that last was quite a shock for many people… not sure you really wanted to know that much about Parasites, right? Hey, better to know than not. Now as promised we’re here to talk solutions! – exactly how to deal with these Body Pollutions and the related Dangers – what to do about it! Let’s roll…

Cleaning Out the Toxins

Pioneering nutritionist, Dr. Hazel Parcells, who lived with boundless energy to age 106, wrote: “A healthy body begins with cleaning out the accumulated toxins of the past and preparing it to accept new and efficient nutrients. When the body is cleared of poisons, nature will take over and provide us the gift of health.”

Detoxification therapy is an ancient concept that appears as part of many healthcare systems around the world. Detoxification and internal cleansing is more important today than ever before in history because we are exposed to more toxins than ever in the past.

Where to StartDetox with Veggies

“Any cleansing program should begin by ‘pulling the plug’ that blocks the passage of waste,” details Dr. Linda Berry in Internal Cleansing. “The ‘plug’ is in your colon, the last portion of your food-processing chain. If you try to clean your blood, lymph, or liver without first addressing a stopped-up large intestine, the excreted toxins will get right back into your body and make you sicker than you were before you started.”

The concept of cleansing the colon as the most important first step of a detoxification therapy is unfortunately missed by many detox programs sold on the market today. Without cleansing the colon, it is impossible to effectively detoxify other bodily systems or the body in general.

The Science of Detox

“If you want a high quality of life in the 21 st Century, it is crucial to become educated regarding your body’s natural detoxification processes as well as detox techniques you can effectively use,” writes Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald in her book The Detox Solution – The Missing Link to Radiant Health, Abundant Energy, Ideal Weight, and Peace of Mind.

“Some of you have undoubtedly tried the one-day, weekend, or week-at-a-time cleansing or detoxification protocols. I have found that the results you can achieve through these programs are limited. How can we expect to rid our bodies of the toxins that have built up over a lifetime through a program that lasts only a day or two or even seven?”

“The major parts of our body involved in physical detoxification are the digestive tract, the liver, our lungs, the lymphatic system, our skin, and the urinary system. These systems and organs are the sites designed within the body to process toxins either by eliminating them or transforming them into less threatening substances.”

The best detox program we have found is the Ultimate Colon Cleanse. In fact we’ve been trying all kinds of brand for more than 15 years and this one has the best of all worlds… its effective and affordable. In fact why don’t I let this video below take over and explain more…

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